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MA-100 Service Dog Medical Alert Box
M-100 Service Dog Medical Alert Box
Control appliances with A-100, X-10 Service Dog Home Automation, Fire Alarm and Security Alert Box
Signal doorbells, fire alarms, or telephones for the hearing impaired with SA-100 Service Dog Signaling Device
L-104 Service Dog Light and Appliance Switch
L-105 Service Dog Light and Appliance Switch with Timer and Ground Fault Protection
T-100 Service Dog Training System
Service Dogs Kane and Gage: Balance Dogs, Medical Alert Dogs and Appliance Control Dogs

Welcome to Service Dog Assistance Products!  Our products and supplies allow service dogs or pets to easily control electrical, electronic and signaling devices such as lights, appliances, cell phones, security and medical alert systems and allow personal autonomy for those individuals experiencing challenges, implementing end of life care solutions or wishing to add ease and convenience to their daily routines.

SDAP makes dog light switches, dog security systems, dog lights, dog alarms, medical alert systems for dogs, security systems for dogs, and other service dog products. We offer service dog training for balance dogs, therapy dogs, hearing alert dogs, hearing aid dogs, medical response dogs, seizure alert dogs, psychiatric service dogs, companion dogs, elder care dogs, working dogs, and end of life assistance dogs. We manufacture fire alarms for dogs as well as dog doorbells, and we provide dog training for disabled people. SDAP also sells security dog lights, electrical controls for silly dog tricks, dog harnesses, service dog jackets, service dog training aids, service dog training materials, automatic dog doors, and electronic fences for dogs. We also offer obedience training, dog training and dog agility training.
The SDAP System allows service dogs and pets to be trained to operate a single, easy-to-use trigger switch.  Under the switch are custom-designed electrical or electronic devices and circuits which are programmed to turn on and off an infinite number of hard-wired or wireless household or commercial appliances.

With SDAP, no longer do Service Dogs, end of life companion animals or household pets have to be large breeds to integrate into, and control, household, commercial, or industrial electrical or electronic devices.  Jack Russell Terriers and Beagles can turn on lights and control household appliances.  SDAP systems can be used by all dogs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.  SDAP requires only one-half pound of pressure to operate, yet can withstand the force of repetitive use and abuse by large breeds.

SDAP products give your dog the ability to accomplish tasks such as these:
Start your coffee maker Water the lawn
Turn on lights in the house Call 911 for medical assistance after a fall
Summon help during a break-in Turn on your Christmas tree
Alert hearing impaired to a knock on the door, fire alarm, or doorbell Operate remote-controlled appliances

SDAP seamlessly integrates your dog's natural abilities and training into your business or home's existing electrical, electronic, or security systems.  SDAP relieves you of the burden of performing routine or difficult tasks and provides an added layer of protection, security or assistance in difficult moments. 
SDAP specializes in engineering systems for use by dogs that apply a vast array of electrical and electronic technologies normally reserved for industrial, defense, or commercial applications and putting these systems behind our universal SDAP box that is easily operated by end of life companions, service dogs or pets.
We invite you to browse our website and see the wonderful things dogs can do with SDAP.  With SDAP any canine can be a Service Dog, assist with end of life care or perform routine or emergency tasks.

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